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The last two Aladdin is just like “wtf bro” and Gastons face is killer bwahah!!

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the potter generation // horcruxes or hallows }

–––– – ❝ wouldn’t it be better, make you  s t r o n g e r , to have your soul in more pieces, i mean, for instance, isn’t seven the most powerfully magical number, wouldn’t seven –– ? merlin’s beard, tom! seven! isn’t it bad enough to think of killing one person? and in any case…bad enough to divide the soul…but to rip it into  s e v e n  pieces… of course, this is all  h y p o t h e t i c a l  , what we’re discussing, isn’t it? all academic… yes, sir, of course.

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that wonderful feeling


that wonderful feeling

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Genius writing.

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Give me all you got


when u hear someone ask about a video game u love


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I film some stuff